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A game studio, fuelled by a healthy mix of creative and crazy minds.

Based in Vietnam, we aim to bring more memorable and unique games to the world!



Game Devlopment

We are a game development studio founded in 2019 with specialty in Online PvP games for mobile platforms. We always keep in mind: The game is not a product for players to burn time, but make Game an intellectual sport and build team spirit.


Mobile Application Development

We provide our customers with quality, co-creative, and innovative solutions in every delivery. Our advanced mobile app development service offerings are across various platforms and we are constantly engaged in raising the bar and setting higher standards for mobile applications by using the three key characteristics, i.e. anytime access, personalization and contextual use, offered by mobile platforms.

Creative Work

Every day we live and burn with passion, create compelling stories, outstanding characters, vivid lines, meticulous sounds ... meticulously combine each element to give unique products.

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We believe strongly that everyone has a special talent like no other, and those talents matter most to the sustainable success of the whole company. We create ourselves an environment where challenges are sought after and welcomed.


Address: 220/7 Bacu, Ward 3, Vung Tau , Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam
Phone:+84 938040490

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